we heart hintonburg

posted by Dwayne Brown

I just got back from an after dinner walk with my son through Hintonburg and I was re-reminded just how much our neighborhood has been changing and evolving. It seems like every time we blink, a new restaurant pops up – tonight it was the newly opened ZaZaZa Pizza (with a huge line up to get in I might add). Hintonburg continues to be the Ottawa neighborhood to continue to keep your eye on and it’s maybe a little difficult to explain why. For me it’s the authenticity of the neighborhood and the locally owned and run feel of the restaurants – not to mention the neighborhood’s inclusiveness of all kinds of people from a variety of economic backgrounds. It’s vibrant, it’s creative, it’s a little sketchy in places (in a good way) and it’s real. And I love living and working here! :)

I Heart Hintonburg

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we all have a hand in building our community

Meaghan King photographed in WellingtonEnd (Hintonburg).

Yesterday I was reminded that one of the cool aspects of the loveOttawa project is that I get to meet and learn from some really interesting people. Even though Meaghan King and her husband Eric were super busy packing up their lives to move to Jordon this weekend (Meaghan works for DFAIT and is being posted overseas), she still made time to be photographed and share what she loves about Ottawa.

The first thing that Meaghan told me she loved, when I ask her about Ottawa, is the enthusiastic passion of the people who live here. “Ottawa is passionate about politics, passionate about food and passionate about local and international community.” Then we talked about how since so many people who live here are ‘from away’ that most people are enthusiastically working together to help build and evolve our community.

She also loves how Ottawa has a ‘house party vibe’ not a slick pretentious or overly critical vibe. Ottawa is down to earth – accepting, welcoming, participating and embracing!

Some of Meaghan’s favorite places to eat and hangout are The HPH, Supply & Demand Restaurant, SuzyQ’s (best doughnuts in town!) and the big Bridgehead Roastery and Café just off Preston Street.

If you’d like to learn more about Meaghan and her ponderings about life, her dog Gatsby and the pursuit of doughnuts – you can follow her blog at meaghantothemax.wordpress.com  Thanks so much Meaghan and good luck to you, Eric and Gatsby (the famous Great Dane) during your overseas adventure!


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faces of WellingtonEnd fundraiser

posted by Dwayne Brown

The Faces of WellingtonEnd exhibit is almost ready to come down to make way for the next show at The Hintonburg Public House, so it’s now time to step it up and raise some money for the folks at The Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre! I’ll be hosting an evening this coming Thursday July 25th at 7:00pm at The HPH to auction off the portraits along with the large industrial metal frames. Come down for a beer, a meal and buy a print to help folks with Cancer! The funds raised will go to help the OICC grow their subsidized care fund.


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the power of connection through food and community

posted by Heather Heagney

Hello Neighbours! I love living in Hintonburg and I spend a lot of my leisure time in the surrounding areas, including the beloved WellingtonEnd! You can usually catch me sipping on a Pink Fuzz at the HPH, grabbing a Cocoa-Chai at Bridgehead or visiting the many other food and drink spots on the block. I’m proud to call myself a WellingtonEnder even though I’m really more of a weekend warrior :)

When I’m not hanging out with friends and fellow creative types in the neighbourhood, I’m usually plugged into my computer, which is where I spent much of my time over the past year, writing my book. I am writing this post to introduce my book to you in case it is something that might strike your interest, but I am also writing this post to speak to the power of connecting with other people, especially other passionate people, and especially those in your local community.

After The Harvest 1

After The Harvest 2

The book is a coffee table book celebrating food and drink and how it connects us to each other, travel, and generally good times. In a nutshell it combines photography, fiction, travel writing, recipes, wine pairings and entertaining tips; all provided by yours truly, for your coffee table book-flipping pleasure. Titled after my blog, After the Harvest: Eat. Drink. Connect. is a passion project of mine as I am a lover of food and wine, but I am mostly in love with how they connect us and create meaning in our lives.

I cannot speak any more highly of the amazing benefits that come when you open yourself up to connecting with those in your local community. Over the past 4 years that I’ve been living in this neighbourhood, I have been fortunate enough to strike up conversations, business relationships and friendships with all kinds of passionate, creative people in my community. I cannot tell you the many chats I have had that have inspired me, informed my creative projects, and generally just kept me going.

There is a power to these connections. Over a glass of wine or even while eating a taco in a parking lot, you can meet someone new who inspires something new within you — sparking a new idea, allowing you to see things in a different light, or simply just sharing in the enjoyment of the experience. Throughout my travels thus far I have met all kinds of unbelievably creative, passionate people, and in most cases these connections were forged starting with a simple, “Hey”. This also holds true in my local community.

So, with that said, allow me to raise a glass to you, and wish you well in your eating and drinking adventures, especially if it means heading on over to the Wellington-end of town to grab a bite or a brew. And while you’re sipping and noshing away, why not strike up a conversation with someone you might not normally talk to — you might be surprised how you’ll connect.

If you’d like more information about my passion for food and community you can read more on my blog at www.aftertheharvest.blogspot.com and/or if you’d like some information about purchasing my book for yourself of as a gift, please use this link:  www.aftertheharvest.bigcartel.com

After The Harvest 3

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community couch comes to our hood!

posted by Dwayne Brown

The Community Couch Project took it’s first spin around Ottawa last night and it happened to surface in WellingtonEnd! (Chef Matt Calder and the HPH team look awesome). The project is a creative way to celebrate and bridge Ottawa’s urban communities. Looking forward to seeing more around town! :)


© Community Couch – Team HPH

four small galleries at the hph

posted by Dwayne Brown

Okay they’re not really galleries, but I do have a few handfuls of framed photos for sale up on the walls in the four washrooms at The Hintonburg Public House! Drop down for a drink or a little dinner to the HPH and peek at some photos and some of Clare Brennan’s Stickmen. All proceeds from the sales of the ‘Faces of WellingtonEnd’ portrait series (including the large metal sheets that the imagery is mounted on) will go to the subsidized care fund at The Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre.


© karen buckshi


posted by Dwayne Brown

In amongst a busy period for both Clare Brennan and I, we wanted to share some of our personal work! I’ve been really enjoying meeting and photographing some of the cool folks who make up the WellingtonEnd fabric – artists, musicians, designers, residents, business owners………all really interesting creative types. Clare is one of the cities best creative directors, and he’s also an awesome sculptor. His sculptures are a creative and whimsical use of wood, metal and found objects.

A special note……..proceeds from the sales from Dwayne’s ‘Faces of WellingtonEnd’ will be going to help grow the subsidized care fund at The Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre, located right here in WellingtonEnd! We both would love it if you could drop down to The Hintonburg Public House to see the show next Thursday, June 6th at 7:00pm!


© dwayne brown + clare brennan

deliciously having fun raising money for the food bank

I met yesterday with Carolynn Lacasse, the founder and co-organizer of The Ottawa Foodie Challenge – and I’m so impressed with this event (and Carolynn)! She has so much energy and so much heart. The event is so cool, it’s a food and restaurant based photo scavenger hunt with approximately 100 foodies searching and photographing Ottawa’s restaurants this Saturday to complete a list of 100 savory clues! So fun! If that wasn’t enough, all of the money raised will be going directly to The Ottawa Food Bank. My compliments to Carolynn and Larissa Beznaczuk-Smyrnew (her partner in crime) for organizing such an awesome project and event! There’s still time to sign up and join this tasty event – take a peek at the OFC site for more info: www.ottawafoodiechallenge.com


© Ottawa Foodie Challenge

impromptu sunday portrait

posted by Dwayne Brown

I’m constantly reminded how lucky I am to be a photographer. As a photographer we’re always looking, always observing and always engaging trust. This afternoon I was having a quiet Sunday afternoon sitting at The HPH working on a little production and my buddy Matty (one of my favorite HPH servers) asked me if I’d like to meet and maybe photograph Valerie a friend of his – she was playing a little guitar at the end of the block in front of the big old church, he said. How could I possibly refuse! I left my computer at the bar and went to say hello. Valerie was a lovely, humble young musician with a cool urban edge – and super photogenic. I explained my ‘Faces of WellingtonEnd’ portrait project and she agreed to come up with Matty for a few shots. It’s cool and critical how quickly the relationship of trust needs to be established between photographer and subject, regardless if it’s an impromptu personal portrait with a stranger or an executive for a corporate gig. Thanks so much Matty for the suggestion and a special thanks to Valerie for trusting! :)  If you’d like to be on the invite list for the show opening, please register to our blog or leave a comment below.  :)

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the adorable hipster

posted by Dwayne Brown

I’m not even really sure what constitutes what a hipster is anymore, but I am certain what interesting and adorable is – and her name is Lisa! I got to photograph Lisa, one of The Hintonburg Public House’s nicest patrons the other day. She’s often in the HPH a couple times a week during the afternoon to nurse a pint or two of Beaus and to as she says “to listen to the music and watch people”. She knows the names of all of the servers, present and past – and she knows all of their stories. I’m so glad I asked her to be apart of my “Faces” series, so now I know more of her story! (she used to teach, she now loves to paint, and she’s distantly related to Sir John A. McDonald) Adorable!


© dwayne brown

faces of WellingtonEnd – Marshall Page

posted by Dwayne Brown

We all know Hintonburg to be a vibrant neighborhood with great places to eat and drink, but for me as a photographer it’s also so rich with great people. There’s a really interesting and eclectic mix of restauranteurs, business owners, patrons and neighbors – all with such interesting faces! Something I’ve wanted to do for quite some time is photograph a series of portraits of the people I’ve gotten to meet and know in my neighborhood. This portrait of Marshall Page of Marshall’s Gym is the first in a series that I’ll be presenting in a show at The Hintonburg Public House at the end of May, called Faces of WellingtonEnd.  If you’d like to be on the invite list for the show opening, please register to our blog or leave a comment below.  :)


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the “C” word – why you need to care

posted by Kate Durie  @kateudurie

The Ottawa Integrative Cancer Care Centre

People, this isn’t a “should” this is a NEED to, and hopefully (eventually) a “want to”! A WANT TO that turns into action.

This might be a little firm (sorry!). But it’s firm and bursting with love. It’s because I believe we have a hella lot more ability to positively impact our health, that I say this.

When facing cancer, or chronic illness, disease, injury, it can feel like we’ve lost control; that something has been taken away from us. We feel helpless, hopeless, overwhelmed and scared. All at once. One at a time. Back and forth. It’s A LOT to take in.

© kate durie

Even if we’re not staring cancer directly in the face, we all know someone who has. Not to mention it’s hard to avoid hearing about the prevalence of cancer and the many risk factors at just about every turn.

“Worrying is like praying for what you don’t want.”

For a lot of peeps, myself included, it takes a blow to the head (quite literally in my case) to wake up and take action. But why? When even the most conservative research shows that 40% of cancers are preventable, we have a lot more power than we think. We can do more than worry, feel overwhelmed, helpless, or quite literally clueless. We CAN do more. And in some cases NOT do {not smoke, not eat processed food, etc….

But, but, but … I don’t know what to do!

Thanks to facilities like the Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre (OICC), located right here in Hintonburg, we can get answers to our questions and take back control of our health.

The OICC provides naturopathic medical care, support, programs and education that compliments what we receive through the traditional Health Care system, through a whole person cancer care and prevention model.


OICC’s team of experienced practitioners partner with you to make sense of it all, take action, and improve your quality of life whether you’re living with cancer, trying to prevent recurrence, or prevent it all together. This new and innovative approach is highly collaborative, researched based, and is all about you – ALL OF YOU!

Sarah Young, who runs Programs & Outreach reinforces that “we really can change the statistics.” The research proves it. “Whether you’re working to prevent cancer or working with cancer, the treatments/approach we would take share a very similar path:

  • education,
  • stress management (reduction)
  • exercise
  • cancer-fighting dietary habits
  • environmental awareness (intervention)

OICC provides programs, care, training and education for both clients and the public, with an unquestionable focus on empowerment. I believe health doesn’t happen to us. It happens because of us. Because of “active involvement in adopting self-care practices that support our bodies, our minds, and our spirit.”



Sitting down with Sarah Young and Heidi Vincent at the Centre, I learn that in many cases the risk factors are invisible – if we can’t see, taste, or smell it, or there is no immediate cause and effect. It’s ‘easy’ to ignore. “If we see a burning building, we run from it,” explains Sarah. “The risk or threat in this case is obvious and immediate.” Cause and effect. Unfortunately, in the case of cancer, it’s not that obvious.

Despite having seen that list of 5 prevention/management strategies before (perhaps many times!), we still put off exercise, quitting smoking, incorporating healthful eating habits, or seeking ways to reduce and manage our stress. I’ll figure it out later, do something about later, and sometimes we end up dismissing it all together … until … until.

Worry vs. Action

Why do so many of us struggle to take (seemingly) simple steps to get clear on what WE CAN do to prevent cancer? Or for those facing cancer, what else we can do {outside the traditional health care regime} to get involved, mitigate, manage, speed/optimize recovery, or prevent recurrence.

It often comes down to a combination of feeling overwhelmed by the information available, not knowing where to turn, being paralyzed by the gravity of it, or some who simply choose to believe “it won’t happen to me”.

The OICC seeks to empower both prevention and cancer clients to take back their control. To be educated. To make choices. To take action.

The team and facility they have assembled helps you do just that, taking the confusion and sense of being overwhelmed out of the equation. It’s a one stop shop.

I urge you to be curious. To learn more. Pop into OICC, check out their website, or book an appointment … for you, or someone you love. It can be that easy. And for the rest, you’ll have incredible support to figure it out!


interior images © dwayne brown

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weekend free photo download – chateau laurier

posted by Dwayne Brown  @dwaynebrown_

One of the best things about being a photographer is being able to share and give imagery away! This Weekend’s Free Photo Download is an image I shot yesterday at the Chateau Laurier Hotel, while out on a downtown photo walk with my 13yr old son Alex – something we both really enjoy doing! And yes I know The Chateau Laurier is far from Hintonburg, but WellingtonEnd is so much more than just a neighbourhood it’s also a sharing creative environment! :)

Please use this ‘link to download the file’. Feel free to print it, frame it, or just stick it on your fridge – just please don’t use it for any commercial applications without written permission.

DBS chateau laurier hotel

© dwayne brown

imperfection AS beauty :: wabi sabi yarn :: knit 101

posted by Kate Durie  @kateudurie

“Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in.”
~ Leonard Cohen

Wabi Sabi is located in the heart of Hintonburg and has become a social hub for Ottawa Knitters on Thursday nights, hosting Knit Night, Knit 101, and often one of their other courses. Knit Night is a weekly take on the good ol “stitch ‘n bitch”. Gals {AND guys} gather at the front of the store to spend the evening in community, sipping wine or tea, chatting, and of course knitting! It’s free to play/hang/gab and runs from 6:30pm –  9:00pm every week.

Over the two Thursday evenings I spent at Wabi Sabi, we shared the workshop space (located in the back of the shop) with a Wool Dying crew the first night, and a Sock Making crew the second. Depending on month or season, any number of  courses are being offered from Knitting to Felting, Sewing to Kids Classes, Spinning, Weaving and other fun things. Check out their site for dates and registration details. There is something for all levels, newbie’s and veterans!



Getting my Knit on!

Knit 101 is the perfect place for anyone curious about this thing called knitting. Led by one of the “knit masters” Carol, Donna or Leslie you will be guided through all the basics. Casting on, the knit stitch, purling, combining, counting, and casting off. What felt overwhelmingly complicated when we began quickly became meditative, relaxing, and incredibly satisfying. I’m hooked.

Knit 101 is {affectionately} coined the gateway drug at Wabi Sabi. As we sat there, awkwardly struggling with our first stitches and the two “sticks” at the end of our hands, veteran knitters {warn us} that a year from now we’ll be dying our own wool and sitting at the front of the shop for Knit Night. Ha! We say. Signing up for Knit 101, little did we know we were locating our dealer and were about to get our “first hit”. I now {happily} confess, they were right!

Of the many vices we could get hooked on, Knitting has quickly moved up to the top of my list. The process of, the experience of knitting is rhythmic, social, and calming. It’s mobile – you can knit anywhere, anytime. And it provides an incredible sense of completion, satisfaction, and accomplishment. For me, it has become a way to still a busy/tired mind and keep my hands busy. Recovering from a Traumatic Brain Injury, it can be challenging to find activities that are both fulfilling and restful for the mind. This is without a doubt, just that! Having my hands busy also keeps me away from the fridge for that second, third, or fourth snack in the evening!




Where did the name Wabi Sabi come from?

“Wabi Sabi” is a Japanese term that means imperfection AS beauty. Despite having spent lifetimes mastering the craft of knitting, the masters would insert one purposeful flaw/mistake into each piece… wabi sabi. In life as in knitting, there is no such thing as perfection. In fact, it is in the imperfections that we find beauty. As Leonard Cohen says in the quote above, that is how the light gets in. Embracing this beautiful philosophy feels like joy and ease, exactly how I felt after Knit 101 came to a close.

A Life Lesson from Knitting Class:
I’ve learned that knitting serves to provide many a life lesson through the experience of yarn to needle to finished product; an experience that can be both meditative and perplexity complicated. The choice is ours. “When something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Undo, start over, fix, move on.” – Carol, Owner, Wabi Sabi

I want to know more!
Visit this beautiful store online or in person. You will be greeted by one of the beautiful people who work there:: Carol, Donna, Leslie, Wendy, Emily, and Karen, or one of the beautiful people in the knitting community Wabi Sabi has cultivated. How great is that!



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the momtrepreneur team of twiss & weber

posted by Aaron Wise

Momtrepreneur – noun – a mother who wants to carve out her own future; possesses the ability to juggle a demanding family life and nurse along a business like one of her children; compassionate and caring with an innate sense on how to get sh!t done. ;)

The local duo of Laura Twiss and Tonia Weber are local Hintonburg momtrepreneurs who are making a name for themselves in affordable women’s fashion. While they are working hard, they also like to listen to great music and often draw inspiration for the names of the pieces in their fashion line from a song or artist they are listening to while designing. Pieces in their Spring 2013 collection include the ‘Delta Dawn’ and the ‘Joan Jet’, which show the breadth of music these ladies listen too. They also have a great sense of humour and used Mrs. Roper of the 70’s and her colourful muumuus as the base for a colourful loose top.

Twiss & Weber

Laura and Tonia love Hintonburg with its eclectic mix of housing, businesses, and inhabitants.  When they decided to open their own business the first criteria was that they must be able to walk to work and they found this cool space at 177 Armstrong. People can’t quite picture the space until you say that it’s the old Bobbypins or that hair studio across from the park – and then they realize where it is. They have transformed this small space, originally an ice house, into a studio and boutique. It’s like a little magic workshop, with good music playing, where they muse about the hem line, the colour, and the best technique to assemble the product.  Every single piece in their collection is designed and made in Canada – Hintonburg to be specific!

They’ve opened a Pop In Shop at 1304 Wellington (the old Alteriors Space) for 4 days only to launch their Spring 2013 line. The shop is open from 10 am to 8 pm Thursday through Saturday and from noon to 5 on Sunday. They are also showcasing handcrafted leather goods (purses, clutches, belts, accessories, bags) by James Michael Brooks of Chelsea – and admit it, who doesn’t like the feel and smell of high quality leather?

If you can’t make it to the Pop In Shop, visit them at 177 Armstrong to see the magic happening, hear some tunes and find fashionable, comfortable, affordable and ethically made women’s clothing. To find out more about these two creative moms take a peek at their website www.twissandweber.com and/or you can follow them on twitter at @TwissAndWeber

Twiss & Weber Pop In

all photos © aaron wise


fifty shades of green

posted by Dwayne Brown  @dwaynebrown_

Anyone and everyone in the advertising and design business in Ottawa, are very familiar with who Clare Brennan and Sarah Roncarelli are. But for the folks who don’t know them yet, they’re partners in a small Ottawa advertising agency/boutique called Fifty Strategy + Creative – they’re the nicest, hardest working and cleverest folks in town. Their clients love working with them, their staff love to be apart of their Fifty team and as a photographer it’s always a treat to get to shoot for them! Before this sounds a bit like a Fifty love-in, I really just wanted to thank them for becoming a new sponsor of WellingtonEnd and to compliment them on their cool and creative St. Patrick’s Day direct mailer! More of their work can be see at www.fifty-sc.com or you can follow them on twitter at @fifty_sc


© fifty strategy + creative

harvey & vern’s sneak peek soda tasting

posted by Dwayne Brown  @dwaynebrown_

A couple days ago I was fortunate enough to meet Paul Meek, the owner of the famed Ottawa brewery, The Kichesippi Beer Company! We met so I could get a sneak peek tasting of their upcoming natural non-alcoholic sodas (Harvey & Verne’s Olde Fashioned Soda). They’ll be launching three naturally flavored sodas later this spring and all I can say at this point is “they’re delicious!” It was great to get the soda tasting but even better to meet Paul – a great family guy who’s so proud of his brewery and even more of his family! I’ve always loved the Kichesippi beers and their simple and bold brand, but I have an even greater appreciation now – after hearing Paul’s story about his long history in the brewery business and his strong commitment to a simple and balanced approach to brewing beer, and now sodas! You can follow the story behind these awesome soda’s on twitter at @harveyandverns  Small confession….I may of sampled a beer taster or two as well. ;)

Kichesippi tasters

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